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Tackle three of the biggest challenges in your long distance relationship and regain a sense of:

- Connection

- Confidence

- Purpose

LDRs are not easy for anyone, but you can solidify your foundation today with instant access. Scroll to find out more.


In this 90-minute live course, I will teach you how I've approached the following three major challenges in my own long distance relationship, how to evolve your mindset around them, and how transform them into seized opportunities for yourself and your relationship.

Feel Connected

Go from a feeling of growing apart to a renewed feeling of intimacy and connection.

Reignite your Confidence

Transform insecurity into growth both for yourself and your relationship.

Realize There is a Purpose

Adopt the mindset that will take you from "waiting for this to end" to making the most of where you are now.


I’ve always believed my long distance relationship was an asset, and so can you

6+ years of a long distance relationship living anywhere from a few hundred kilometers away to living on separate continents, has taught me the skills and mindset needed to not only overcome, but also thrive in that challenging context. We are over 10 years in and choose long distance spells here and there, because these skills allow both of us to live our best, authentic, uncompromised lives.

My coaching offerings will help you feel confident in your relationship, learn about the hidden opportunities that are available to you, and adopt the mindset to make this an adventure for the books.



Tackle three of the biggest challenges in your long distance relationship and transform them into your greatest opportunities.

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