Get Your Needs Met

A different relationship model means a different way to meet your needs in love and in life. It is possible, it is only a matter of reframing.

Clear the Confusion

LDR can be much more simple than we make it out to be. Get clarity on your situation and feel lighter in the process.

Be More Connected than Ever

Realize that you are not alone, validate your feelings, and develop the best communication you've ever had with a partner.


My journey to becoming of service to you has been a long, breathtaking, crazy roller coaster ride. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Being in a long distance relationship for 6+ years has taught me so much and made me who I am today. I have gained a perspective through the marvelous, the good, the bad, the ugly that is very unique and that I wish to share with you.

I am passionate about helping people live their best lives, especially when long distance is involved. It takes courage and faith and I commend you for that! I am here to help.


Raphaël and I started our relationship at 17 years old, as I was leaving our home town to study in a different province in Canada. Our beginnings were a trial by fire, but at least it would be over after Raph's three-year program, or so we thought. Instead, he chose to pursue the engineering degree of his dreams in another city. Meanwhile, I wasn't helping our case either by moving all around the world to study, work, learn languages, and essentially explore the breadth of the human experience. The day came, six years later when we finally closed the gap. We could not believe it! 

Because we were so mobile in those years, we have experimented with all kinds of long distance situations. It was not all fun and games as we dealt with every curveball, whether it was communication, trust, logistics, confusion, growing apart, etc. I now have the tools, tips, strategies, and mindset techniques to help you move towards confidence, clarity, and connection, while getting your needs met in your own LDR context.


Love the Distance was founded in the midst of another, much more short-term long distance spell. It still happens from time to time, because we believe we will always be too young to compromise. Our ability to support each other whether we are 

At our 10 year anniversary, we had just bought our first house and have now been engaged for over two years. The value of a long term relationship is priceless. We know each other better than we ever knew was possible, but we couldn't be as proud of our adventure, nor be as solid without the distance. 

I've compiled our hard-earned lessons, and selected the three most relevant challenges as well as the three most important opportunities to keep your eye on. Get the wisdom minus the heart ache instantly in exchange for your e-mail. Don't wait to start improving your long distance relationship, you can start today!

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